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Serving the collectible doll house and miniature dollhouse furniture community in Ontario Canada for nearly 30 years. Shop securely online for your doll house kit or doll house furniture kits.

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  • Wooden Dollhouse Kits from Greenleaf, Corona Concepts Dollhouses, Real Good Toys Doll house Kits, Lilliput dollhouse kits. Dollhouse kits available in 1/12 scale, 1/24 scale as well as Playscale (Barbie Doll Houses)
  • Assembled dollhouses from Real Good Toys
  • Dollhouse Furniture and accessories in both 1/12 scale furniture and 1/24 scale furniture as well as unfinished furniture kits and log furniture kits.
  • Wiring and light fixtures for doll houses.
  • Building supplies for doll house kits
  • Dollhouse Dolls in both porcelain and vinyl dolls for your doll house.
  • Dollhouse decorating supplies including doll house wallpaper, flooring and doll house rugs to compliment your dollhouse furniture.Dollhouse Accessories, Dollhouse Miniatures, Dollhouse Plans and Dollhouse Books.
  • Doll house Wiring Kits, Dollhouse Lights, dollhouse Electrical supplies, Dollhouse Furniture Kits including unfinished furniture kits.




Choose one of the beautiful doll house kits from Greenleaf Doll Houses,
the Beacon Hill Doll House. Greenleaf Dollhouses are die cut, or lazer cut dollhouses with very popular designs. Greenleaf also offers unfinished furniture kits for dollhouses


Building and Decorating Doll house kits can be a wonderful hobby for adults or for children.

We offer a large selection of dollhouse furniture, decorating items for dollhouses, miniature doll house dolls and a great assortment of dollhouse accessories for the perfect finishing touches to your doll house. We even have dollhouse size pets and furnitire kits for doll houses.

Dollhouse wiring kits and dollhouse lighting offer the final touch of realism to your dollhouse. Dollhouse wiring kits are available in different sizes depending on the number of rooms your dollhouse has.

Check out our charming doll house furniture kits including unfinished furniture kits and log furniture kits. Our log cabin dollhouses look so authentic when furnished using our unfinished furniture kits with your personal touches!


Large Selection, Best Value and low-cost shipping guarantee your satisfaction when purchasing Doll house kits from our Doll house Ontario Stores, and miniature furniture from the Doll House Elora, Arthur, Ontario, Canada. Shop securely with confidence from the Doll House. We ship dollhouses and doll house furniture kits internationally as well as domestically and throughout the USA Canada Europe England.

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