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Aztec Miniatures Dollhouse Bathroom Porcelain Corner AZT0523
Dollhouse KIts 1595
Fine quality corner bathtub set, includes sink and toilet as well. Goldtone taps.
Price: CDN$ 24.99
19.77 USD 16.06 EUR 14.07 GBP
Aztec Miniatures Dollhouse Bathroom Towel Rod Set  AZMA1285
Dollhouse KIts 111
Includes towel holder, soap dish and tissue dispenser. Gold finish. Scale is 1/12 inch.  
Price: CDN$ 3.99
3.16 USD 2.56 EUR 2.25 GBP
Aztec Miniatures Dollhouse Clothes Hamper AZD6872
Dollhouse KIts 1475
Real wooden clothes hamper, Hinged lid. painted finish.
Price: CDN$ 6.99
5.53 USD 4.49 EUR 3.94 GBP
International Miniatures Dollhouse Bathroom Scale   IM65096
Dollhouse KIts 22
Great bathroom accessory. Scale 1 inch=1'. Dollhouse bathroom scale is painted metal.
Price: CDN$ 1.99
1.57 USD 1.28 EUR 1.12 GBP
International Miniatures Dollhouse Towel Bar Set  IM65097
Dollhouse KIts 1200
Two piece rod set in chrome like finish. Bar is approx 1 1/4 inch long. 
Price: CDN$ 1.99
1.57 USD 1.28 EUR 1.12 GBP