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Arthur Cottage Dollhouse Kit  from Greenleaf
Dollhouse KIts 530
The Arthur is a wonderful little doll house for the new collector or young miniaturist.
Price: CDN$ 69.99
54.53 USD 46.43 EUR 40.64 GBP
Doll House Kits Sugar Plum Cottage
Dollhouse KIts 525
Greenleaf Cottage Kits The Sugarplum Doll house . The Sugarplum has a single great room.
Price: CDN$ 49.99
38.95 USD 33.17 EUR 29.03 GBP
Greenleaf Brookwood Dollhouse Kit #8017
Dollhouse KIts 4.1.1547
A modern look Dollhouse Kit, the Brookwood features a redwood deck leading to the great room!
Price: CDN$ 169.00
131.66 USD 112.12 EUR 98.14 GBP
Greenleaf Buttercup Dollhouse Kit #DH9306
Dollhouse KIts 533
The buttercup dollhouse kit is the ideal little house to create a cottage, shop or even just a room setting.
Price: CDN$ 34.99
27.26 USD 23.21 EUR 20.32 GBP
Greenleaf Madison Dollhouse Kit #CS8003
Dollhouse KIts 80
The Madison Dollhouse kit features two rooms and an attic. This would lend itself well to a cottage, small shop, flower shop etc.
Price: CDN$ 45.99
35.83 USD 30.51 EUR 26.71 GBP
Greenleaf Primrose Dollhouse Addition #DH9310
Dollhouse KIts 444
The Primrose can be a stand alone house, or used as an addition to the Laurel Dollhouse Kit. One room plus attic.
Price: CDN$ 24.99
19.47 USD 16.58 EUR 14.51 GBP
Greenleaf Vintage Travel Trailer #9311
Dollhouse KIts 435

Greenleaf Vintage Travel Trailer is a fun project for those not wanting to take on a full dollhouse build, or those seeking nostalgia!

Price: CDN$ 29.99
23.36 USD 19.90 EUR 17.42 GBP
Laurel Dollhouse Kit from Greenleaf
Dollhouse KIts 587
.Designed for quick and easy assembly, the Laurel doll house kit will set a new standard in doll house assembly for years to come.
Price: CDN$ 79.99
62.32 USD 53.07 EUR 46.45 GBP
Scale Model Barn STS Series
Dollhouse KIts 297
Scale Model Barn STS Series. Footprint measures only 2.12" x 4.25"
Price: CDN$ 9.99
7.78 USD 6.63 EUR 5.80 GBP
Victorian Fairfield Dollhouse Kit Half Scale
Dollhouse KIts 541
Picture this table center-a beautifully detailed 1/2 scale doll house no bigger than a place mat.
Price: CDN$ 84.99
66.21 USD 56.39 EUR 49.35 GBP