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Aztec Miniatures  Dry Sink Mahogany D2678M
Dollhouse KIts 169
Charming mahogany finish victorian kitchen sink with hand pump
Price: CDN$ 8.99
6.71 USD 5.97 EUR 5.16 GBP
Aztec Miniatures Dollhouse Kitchen Furniture Dishwasher T4461
Dollhouse KIts 1291
Doll House Dishwasher with cabinet. marble look counter.
Price: CDN$ 19.99
14.93 USD 13.27 EUR 11.47 GBP
Dollhouse Kitchen Furniture Fish ECO345
Dollhouse KIts 2456
The fish kitchen set! So cute, great for your cottage or log cabin house
Price: CDN$ 9.99
7.46 USD 6.63 EUR 5.73 GBP