The Cir-Kit Concept, Doll House Electrical Wiring

The cir-kit concept of dolls house wiring has become the predominant world-wide method of wiring a doll house. This is because of the ease of installation and professional appearance when finished. This system allows anyone, even those with no electrical knowledge, to successfully construct a completely hidden lighting system in their dollhouse. The heart of the system is the flat, pressure sensitive and adhesive backed conductive tape. It may be installed in a fraction of the time of conventional systems. The thinness of the tape allows easy masking with one or two coats of paint and is completely hidden behind wallpaper.

This system requires no electrical soldering. Corners are created by cutting and using tiny brass brads for electrical connection. The adjacent diagram shows how the parts create a working electrical system.

When the transformer is plugged into a 115v outlet, 12 volts are provided at output. The junction splice is pounded into the first tape run. The two nails protruding from the bottom make electrical contact with the tape and holds the splice in place.

The lead in wire is plugged into the junction. As subsequent tape runs are added, the 12 volts automatically passes from one tape to next. After all runs are in place, outlets, and fixtures may be installed. Lighting kits and extras are available in different sizes depending on the number of rooms in your house. Check the Dollhouse Lighting section for further information, prices and to order.